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  Cormier's Gold Sauces   Robust Flavors



                                                                "   IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FLAVOR    "

"It's sort of a gourmet sauce in everyday clothing, priced like other sauces but better. The price/value ratio is better, the flavor is much better. It's a more robust sauce. The flavor is there and it's intense," he said.  "This is an instant marinade sauce. You can marinate meats with this in 15 minutes. People think you have to marinate meat for eight hours or overnight. You don't have to do that. This is not cut with water; it's concentrated. The flavor gets right into the meats,"                   Glenn Cormier


Locations : Whole Foods from Maine to New Jersey in the Meat Department, Colonial Markets Essex Produce, Crosby's Supermarket, Butcher Boy, Clements Market, Thwaites, Fells Market, Dover Market, John Dewar, Kurkmans Market, Ashburnham Marketplace, Davidian Bros, Ring Bros, Donleans Supermarkets, Foodies Urban Market, Highland Park Coventry, Pinehills Market, Park n'Shop, Marblehead Community Store, Henerys Market, Lakeview Kitchen in Bradford, Lamberts, Simply Seasonal,Farmland, Lucci's, Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet, Bliss, Dark Horse Beef & Deli, Broadway Market, Don Ottos Market, McKinnon's Market, Fresh Catch Seafood, The Net Results in MV..   and if you find more stores let us know so we can post them....  Glenn 

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