Cormier's Kitchen Presents  

  Cormier's Gold Sauces   Robust Flavors



                                                                "   IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FLAVOR    "

Read my label, what you won't find is water, other sauces in your local supermarket are cutting their product with water. I DON'T.  With Cormier's Gold, you  are      getting flavor not water.  Get some of my sauces and do your sense of taste a flavor.        -- Glenn Cormier .....    Thanks Dad....


Welcome!  Dunk. Douse. Drench. Dip. A bottle of Cormier’s Gold is a call to action.  Living Without 2011 

Indescribably delicious BBQ, marinate, sauté and pan fry sauces from Cormier's Kitchen.  Here are my five flavored sauces, Garlic & Ginger, Double Garlic, Jalapeno & Garlic, Cracked Black Pepper and Orange Burst.  All of my sauces are fat free, oil free, cholesterol free and contain zero saturated fat and has only 40 calories per serving with no added preservatives.  My soy sauce is a Wheat and Gluten Free product, which makes my Cormier's Gold sauces perfect for any one with Celiacs Disease or who has Wheat Allergies. My secret sauce recipe is a uniquely concentrated cooking sauce that can be used instantly when barbecuing, marinating, sautéing or pan frying. You can't go wrong, and the flavor is intesnse !  The five sauces blend well with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish and vegetables as well as vegetarian food, Tofu, Tempeah and Seitan.